ew9 ac1200 enterprise mesh wi-fi system access point a muro lif icew9

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EW9 is a wireless router from IP-COM specially designed for offices, restaurants, hotels and other places. With advanced true Mesh technology and innovative built-in antennas design, enterprise users can adjust the quantities of EP9 according to the application area and combined with EW9 to form a distributed Mesh network without dead zone. EW9 supports router mode and bridge (AP) mode, which can meet the requirements of small project with Mesh network, or partial Mesh network for large projects. The device adopts full gigabit network interface design with maximum support for dual WAN. It integrates various enterprise functions such as intelligent bandwidth control, WEB authentication, SMS authentication, etc., and can be applied to a variety of application scenarios. True Mesh IP-COM EW9+EP9 products apply True Mesh technology, the devices can fulfill plug and play, self-discovery, self-configutation and self-networking. Free your wire, free your hands. 1200M 11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi Using 802.11 ac Wave 2 MU (MIMO) technology, faster your surfing experence and strongly improve the capacity. Omni Antenna Design IP-COM Mesh wifi products use innovative signal design, built-in antennas combine with beam forming technology, focus signal on the user's location, greatly improved the quality of the wireless coverage. Seamless Roaming Mesh network supports seamless roaming, when wireless users roaming among multiple nodes, the system can maintain the user`s IP address information and keep the certification status, user roaming from node A to node B rapidly, roaming speed APP Management IP-COM mesh products support APP cloud management, the management and maintenance of devices can be realized through mobile APP. By using ip-com cloud account login, the APP can be managed and maintained remotely. Smart Bandwidth Management With the intelligent bandwidth management technology (QoS), the device will adjust the bandwidth intelligently according to the utilization rate of the bandwidth and the network application. Captive Portal Built-in multiple authentication management systems, authentication based on Portal, can completely solve the problem of traditional wireless password sharing by WiFi sharing software, network being rubbed, and internal network data being stolen.
One key authentication:authentication based on Portal, customizable Portal push page, users don`t need account and password to access to the Internet.
WEB Account password authentication:based on Portal authentication, the Portal push page can be customized, and users need to verify account and password to access to the Internet.
SMS authentication:based on Portal authentication, the Portal push page can be customized. Users need to enter their mobile phone number and pass the authentication before they can access the Internet. Diversity Founction Mount Bracket Combined with easy mounting bracket and fittings, four installation modes can be realized: wall mount/ceiling mount/pole mount/desk mount. Mesh Network Topolofy for Small Project
It is designed for office, restaurant, hotel and other SMB segment.
● The Mesh device works in router mode, and the host node of Mesh ACTS as the network core router for data forwarding
● Two Mesh satellites nodes and the host build a mesh system
● APP Local and remote management and maintenance. The engineer can check the real-time status of all Mesh networks that they have done through the cloud platform Mesh Network Topolofy for Middle Project
It is designed for office, restaurant, hotel and other enterprise project.
● Three Mesh products are placed in one area to form an independent mesh network system . Mesh devices of different floors and areas are connected to the switch through the network.
● All the mesh nodes work as AP mode at the same time. All nodes can be managed locally and remotely by the APP.
● The engineer can check the operation status of all deployed Mesh networks through the cloud platform.
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ew9 ac1200 enterprise mesh wi-fi system access point a muro  lif icew9
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